Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy services can involve detailed on-site assessments of existing systems and services, reviewing staff awareness, threat assessments, incident response procedures, security audits, pedestrian and vehicle access control, postage handling, personal safety and the performance of security officers.

Security and safety commences with an objective and quantified assessment of risks. Working with clients, our team will identify risks and assess the likelihood and impact upon an organisation of crime, vandalism, terrorist activity or the disruption of business by protest groups. This will evaluate probability, frequency, severity and potential loss, leading to the production of a business continuity plan, to enable management of the crisis and ensure survival and recovery. Training is often an important part of the process; our staff are qualified and competent trainers and assessors and verifiers.

The resulting reports will make impartial recommendations of cost effectives combinations of Perimeter Protection, Access Control, Intruder Alarms and Closed Circuit Television, as well as levels of manpower provision, effective system management and staff training.

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